[bf1942] Petition for BF1942!

Craig Kaiser scumbucket at cox.net
Wed Jul 28 00:22:06 EDT 2004

Well I for one appreciate BF-V and so does the 1000's players who visit our

We left CS after years and years of empty promises from Valve and we
switched to BF1942 then DC, we finally settled on BF-V

In my opinion BF-V is the best for what "I" want to play. I own BF1942 and
have that option to switch back if I choose, but I like BF-Vietnam.

Nick you may not like BF-V, but there are 1000's of us that do and I think
that there is plenty of room for us all concerning EA Games.

BF-Vietnam is not perfect and once it catches up with up grades it will be

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