[bf1942] scripts in BF anytime?

Johan Stalnacke johan.sp at home.se
Mon Jan 26 19:15:51 EST 2004

you can use a small program called "shorty", check it out:
I always use that program to control our BF server..

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> as Lee said Alt+Tabing is hell in BF... still better than some other games
> RTCW:ET), but not a good idea, especially when using a communications
> like Teamspeak.
> I do use a great external admin application (as u put it :) the ultimate
> Remote Manager by blagbagops and it has saved my nerves quite a few times,
> here we go again... hate Alt+Tabing... that is why I mostly use the ingame
> console commands (which HAS to be pre-typed-in sadly) when playing my
> game.
> Any comments on this?
> Regards
> Klemen
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> Admin users are only a small percentage of people running the client, why
> the weight to it?  Seems to make more sense to have an external admin
> application that can be loaded by those who are actually in need of it.

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