[bf1942] List vs Forums was 1.6 patch details

InCisT InCisT at popsikle.net
Tue Jan 20 19:19:51 EST 2004

Miguel Filho wrote:
> And by the way, most users are here since day 1, when ryan released the
> 1.31 version, 1.30, don´t remember.
> man, that version was cool! we saw A LOT off errors, i mean, millions of
> erros of misssing textures, A LOT of segmentation faults, crashes, a 
> true CPU killer, no stdin to type commands and some times it crashed
> when using remote console, LOL!
> But now it is damn better, don´t you think?
> Miguel

OH yes. THAT version. heh. Its so much nicer to have a stable server. 
Those guys do good work ;)  And we try but probably dont show as much 
appreciation as we should, we should buy them a beer or something ;)


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