[bf1942] List vs Forums was 1.6 patch details

InCisT InCisT at popsikle.net
Tue Jan 20 16:15:23 EST 2004

g8 at the.whole.net wrote:
> This list is relatively low volume and pretty well self moderated.  IMO I
> do not see any need for an announce only list or any modification to this
> one.  And I agree the caliber of users here is higher than forums (perhaps
> because it *is not* as accessible).


>>I believe this list should return to announce-only and strictly
>>moderated at that. Nothing flame-worthy, but just a reminder that forums
>>exist for a reason.
That seems counter productive dont you think?  We really dont get out of 
control on this list, and It is helpful to 95% of the people on here. 
Why change it when it works so well?


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