Hardware/Server ?

KLM klemen at 515tem.com
Tue Jan 20 13:18:45 EST 2004

We ran a 18 player CS (this one 19 hrs per day no free slots and an empty backup
12 player CS) server, 26 player BF (used for public/war, full 6 hrs per day) 
and a 10 player UTDM (not really popular, like 20% avg). At high times there
were 40-45 players on a low budget machine with a hi speed T1 line - no

The box specs:
AMD 1Ghz, 512DDR, WD 7200 20Gb

can't do more with this machine, I guess... well... could do some HL mods, they
really don't take that much cpu, mem...

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We run 4-5 BF servers totaling 100-120 players slots on dual xeon 2.8 36gb 10k
rpm scsi boxes.  Runs fine.

As far as multiple games per machine, thats also possible.

Give me an idea of what you are planning on running and i'll give you my best
guess at the hardware you'll need.

Jon Wolberg
Tech Support Manager

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