Hardware/Server ?

Ian Merwin ian at liontrax.com
Tue Jan 20 12:59:03 EST 2004

I'm a BF&DC server noob (been mess'n around for couple months now).  I
am interested in building a higher end server but would like to know
what I can *reallistically* expect from it.  So here's the Questions:
1) How many *Software/game-servers* can u run on a *SEVER/Box* (asuming
high end hardware/CPU/RAM) I mean what is your experience -- I've read
in the manual - the recommendations (its like 1 instance) - but I know
others run multiple BF servers. So what are you guys capable of?  What
are you getting out of your hardware?
2) Do any of you have any experience in runing *multiple games* on your
*box* - what i mean is: have any of u run UT/COD/and BF on the same box?
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