[bf1942] 1.6 patch details

ScratchMonkey ScratchMonkey at SewingWitch.com
Sat Jan 17 12:16:06 EST 2004

--On Friday, January 16, 2004 4:24 PM -0600 Lee Latham 
<leeprivate at cgmlarson.com> wrote:

> you know...we should all just let this idea die.  speaking for myself, i
> don't enjoy seeing advertising becoming more and more pervasive, and i
> sure don't want to see ads when i'm gaming, particularly when i've paid
> for the game.

Advertising in most media absorbs some of the price, allowing the consumer 
to pay less. Magazines with no ads would be expensive tiny pamphlets.

> i realize running servers is a different issue at this
> time, but in the longer run i think residential internet connections will
> not be asymmetric (as they largely are artificially now) and it won't be
> such an issue to run one out of your home.

It will be some time before that happens. There are physical-law reasons 
for that asymmetry, and it will be some time before copper gets replaced 
with fiber.

> but in any case, an ad for Viagra on the nose of a Zero wouldn't exactly
> enhance the WWII immersive environment.

Perhaps not, but WWII sims aren't the only kind of game, and Viagra isn't 
the only product. I just want to get the idea into the heads of future game 
designers and publishers.

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