[bf1942] Feature Request.

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Thu Jan 8 12:17:37 EST 2004

I would like that to.  I've hunted around quite a bit for a command to do 
this to my server to no avail.

For that matter, I know of no place that has a _complete and current_ list 
of console, configuration, and commandline commands.  It does seem to me 
that this documentation should be available on Dice's or EA's website.

Mind you...I don't have documentation for all of the software my company 
makes...do as I say not as a do..

At 10:21 AM 1/8/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>This is just a shot in the dark (in other words I haven't done it myself),
>but couldn't you just create a shortcut on the desktop with the command to
>start BF and connect to your sever.  Then all your users would have to do to
>connect to your server was double click on an icon.  I imagine there is some
>command line option that would do this, I don't know it myself but there
>must be one.  Just my .02....  :)
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>Andreas, is there any possibility to add a server side functionality kinda
>like Half-Lifes, where a server can be Internet, and also accept LAN
>connections when someone browses the "Local" server browser?
>Requested Why?  My in-store customers would rather go to "Local" than have
>to go "Internet" then filter out our server then join.
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