[bf1942] bf1942 map list?

Donald Maner donjr at maner.org
Thu Jan 8 03:49:00 EST 2004

Eh, that kinda sucks for us legacy BFServerManager users.  I understand
the reasoning behind it, I just wish *someone* was still maintaining

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Just as a heads up, the 1.6 map list format looks like this:

Game.addLevel Gazala GPM_CQ bf1942
Game.addLevel Wake GPM_CTF bf1942
Game.addLevel Anzio GPM_CQ xpack1
Game.addLevel Essen GPM_OBJECTIVEMODE xpack2
Game.addLevel DC_LostVillage GPM_CQ DesertCombat Game.setCurrentLevel
Gazala GPM_CQ bf1942

If you have scripts to set up map lists you must update them because the
1.6 server requires map lists of the above format. Note that this change
also renders the +game command line option useless.

// Andreas

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