Textures Prob with DC 0.6 and/or nvidia 53.XX driver

Manni Eppe manni_eppe at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 5 18:54:35 EST 2004

Hi all
I'm having a problem with my textures in DC since 0.6 and/or the NVIDIA 
5*.** driver. It's quite hard to describe even though it's a REALLY big and 
annoying bug.
It often happens when i fly: All the ground textures get weird, e.g. i do 
not see the tanks on the ground but only their chains. Also the terrain is 
sometimes gone and weird. Seems to me i can only see the Water (which is 
actually under the ground in almost every map...) Another effect of that 
bug is that i can see through hills. (plz don't call me cheater, i really 
do not want that crap) Sometimes it also happens when i'm on the ground in 
a tank or so, but mostly in the air.
I'm running an Athlon 1800XP+ with 1 GB 266 DDR RAM and a Leadtek TD 250 
(GeForce 4400Ti) and the 53.03 driver from NVIDIA. with the 52.** driver it 
was the same.
I'm not really sure if it is since the NVIDIA 5*.** driver or DC 0.6, i 
installed both at the same time.

Thx for anyone answering who had the same prob.


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