[bf1942] BF: Vietnam - BFCC to be bundled with it (OT)

Rick Thompson fortweb at fortweb.com
Fri Feb 27 20:10:59 EST 2004

That's too bad because we will close all six of our rentals if there is no 
interface available to manage the server without ssh/ftp access to it.

We don't offer them for a living, we just happen to have the available 
bandwidth/hardware for the business that does pay our bills. BBO makes 
renting a handful of gameservers easy to justify because I can give it to 
just about anyone and rarely need to deal with configuration issues. If we 
had to support our average client through an ftp config of their server, we 
would have far more time into hand holding and fixing wrecks than we do 
now. That alone would negate any reason to rent servers but that aside, the 
added security risk would kill them anyway because it's just not worth the 

Last I looked, the kicker server/client code was not ported to nix and 
beyond that, nothing I know of has enough functionality to fully manage. 
There will no doubt be software to replace it eventually but until there 
is, the BF community will lose a half dozen low cost servers. I only need 
one pub to play on so it's the only one out of seven that will stay online.


At 09:37 AM 2/27/2004 -0500, you wrote:

>My last message on this topic didnt seem to have gone through.
>Kevin has no intensions of making BFSM compatible with BF:V, as he is going
>back to school to finish his degree and wont have the time.  I can second
>this opinion on BFSM making it easier for GSPs to rent the game.  I remember
>having to explain to my customers the complicated process of having to FTP
>up your .con files and reset your server for them to take.  The huge long
>admin commands didnt make it any easier.
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