[bf1942] BF: Vietnam - BFCC to be bundled with it (OT)

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Fri Feb 27 13:34:46 EST 2004

A lot of truth in this Neal we gave up long ago on third party apps
for BF. Yes they work but had to rely on others to get fixes etc.
Now we have just incorporated live BF management direct into
our clanserver Webadmin so clans have it all in one place.

This was easy to do after querying on here about the "rcon"
protocol, think it took me about 10hours work. There are a
number of things about the protocol I'm not totally sure of but
tbh the clans are happy, we have a system we can support
and dont have to wait for external fixes; so all in all life is sweet.

I would like to see a nice doc from dice on the protocol sure
but anyone with a bit of coding ability and the links already
providing here can knock this sort of thing up.

    Steve / K
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> Indeed both are poorly designed.
> Regardless, the engine for BF:V is the same so one could assume that the 
> server settings and commands will be very similar.  There are existing 
> projects out there to work from if someone else decides to develop a 
> third party app for server management though.
> Either way, the reason that there's a lack of tools to properly admin 
> servers isn't entirely the fault of EA and Dice, it's only half their 
> fault.  It's half their fault for providing poor documentation about the 
> server and engine so that people can write these apps, and it's half the 
> fault of users for supporting closed source and/or  commercial apps 
> instead of getting together and working on alternatives.
> Personally I'm content to start and stop my server via usermin and do 
> the rest by command line, but if people want better then they need to 
> stop using closed source and commercial apps and get to work on 
> providing an alternative.  Look at Gastar's web-based tool, it had all 
> the functionality for day to day use that one would need, but is sitting 
> on sourceforge un-usable because it was never updated for 1.6.  No one 
> pays any attention to it because there's no support forum to get someone 
> to hold your hand while you set it up, and no one to pay for using it.
> I dunno.  Maybe I'm spoiled from coming to this game from UT.  When 
> there was a need for a mod or mutator to fix something or provide some 
> extra functionality in an Unreal game people in the community got 
> together and worked on it.  When there's a need for something in BF1942 
> people complain about it and do nothing, while continuing to work on 
> their own little conversion mod that no one will ever play anyways...

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