[bf1942] [BF42] EXPLOIT!

AthlonRob AthlonRob at axpr.net
Wed Feb 25 20:13:56 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 17:07, SantaHomer wrote:
> ./a.out <IP> <Port>
> this is the printed screen and the last 2 sentences said that this action
> was successful.

I could just as easily type out that crap on the screen and say I've
exploited Apache, because my thing says the server is vulnerable...

I think what is being said here is... we don't trust some anonymous post
to a mailing list telling us to hack up our server binary files with a
hex editor to save us from an exploit.  I think it is just as likely
taking this action could *trigger* an exploit or do nothing at all.

What is being said is... it is hard to believe this without actually
seeing an exploit in action.


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