[bf1942] Punk Buster/Linux

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Wed Feb 25 10:50:36 EST 2004

You should really be looking at the EvenBalance website for questions like
this, but
here's my take on the subject. :-)

Yes, EvenBalance always update their software across the board AFAIK. I know
for a fact
that the auto-updating works, but it may be very slow on certain networks if
you are
unlucky. You might want to try pb_sv_update to force an update if you know
it has not
yet autoupdated before you download an update manually.

To determine what version you are using there's a console command called
pb_sv_ver which
displays the version number in the local console (status monitor).

// Andreas

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From: Brigham Stevens [mailto:brs at vikingmind.com]
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Subject: [bf1942] Punk Buster/Linux

Seems to me many people here and in forums ve been blaming PunkBuster for
shedding players because perhaps their pb client did not auto update. My
server has the symptoms sometimes, players complaining about getting
dropped, and sometimes many players. Every once in a while the server sheds
most or all of the players, but the game goes on, when you rejoin the same
game is in progress.

However, I never see any messages about pb violations or timeouts when this
happens. In fact, I Never see anything from PB after the connection msgs

It started happening to me so I went to evenbalance.com and manually updated
my pb client, and then it seemed better.

Has anyone else noticed if Punk Buster is auto updating the linux server?
Should we be manually updating it?
Is there a way to check the PB version? I dug around in the pb directory and
nothing there really seemed to indicate a plain version number.

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