[bf1942] 50 slots public BF1942

Rene Belloq rbelloq at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 22 21:45:26 EST 2004

>Does anyone have experience with a big public server for BF?
>I wonder if an dual 2,66Ghz Xeon can handle this. How does BF deals with
>SMP on a 2.6.2 kernel?

I run a BF server (usually with BG42 mod) that is set at 50 players and it 
is nowhere near as beefy as yours. When it is full, the single-CPU box runs 
around 70% total utilization, not counting the spikes from BFSM doing a 

With yours, as long as you've got really fast disks, or an array going, you 
should be able to run two BF servers at once. The most lag you will 
experience is from disk access during map changes.

Now, the final note (on the server) is about bandwidth. To host 50 players, 
you need a pretty big pipe. 50 clients are data hungry and your server needs 
to be able to pump it out with no hiccups.

My final statement is about the clients: consider that many people run BF 
without the latest hardware. Without a fast proc and a REALLY GOOD video 
card, a 50-player server is likely to lag to local clients because it can't 
handle the display output. This is most evident in smaller maps where there 
tend to be concentrations of many infantry and various vehicles. So, just 
because your server can handle it, should you set it that big? Just a 


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