OT: FW and BF

--=*dD*|Campino=-- campino at divine-devils.de
Sat Feb 21 13:29:58 EST 2004

Hello BF1942 Fans,

  It's a little OT but I have the following problem:

I just installed the Kerio Firewall and configured it in a way that bf can access all ports (incoming and outgoing).
But as soon as I join a server, the "connection warning" message pops up and I get disconnected shortly after (I checked my ping in the scoreboard and it is at 23 on the server I looked at it).
In the log files of the firewall there's no entry about any packet blocked for the connection to the server.

Has anybody got the same problem and is there an other solution than disabling the FW for the time I want to play?

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