[bf1942] SMP Server hardware recommendations.

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Sat Feb 21 14:42:38 EST 2004

InCisT wrote:
> James Gurney wrote:
>> We're currently running a 36 player DC server on an Athlon 2600+. This 
>> consumes up to 70% of the cpu at times. We'd like to run a second 

> You may want to look at your config and your kernel settings.  Ive got 
> one or two DC servers on single proc boxes (dedicated Athlon 1700+) and 
> the 30 players runs slightly under 40% cpu when full, the 42 player runs 
> at around 50% cpu when full. You should be getting alot more from your 
> server then you are.

I should have been more specific. As I said, it consumes up to 70% at 
times. The vast majority of the time it hovers around 30-40%. However, 
I'd hope that we'd get more than that from a 2600+, so I'm not sure what 
else I could be missing. Do you have any specific kernel compile tips? I 
guess I could try adding the pre-empt patch to see if that helps.. 
currently running stock 2.4.x without any additional patches..

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