[bf1942] SMP Server hardware recommendations.

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Sat Feb 21 11:18:23 EST 2004

James Gurney wrote:

> The time honoured question.. what hardware should I buy? I know this 
> has been discussed many times, but I have some questions.
> We're currently running a 36 player DC server on an Athlon 2600+. This 
> consumes up to 70% of the cpu at times. We'd like to run a second 
> server on the same machine. In order to have enough cpu for this, 
> we're looking at upgrading. However, there doesn't seem to be a single 
> cpu that would be sufficient, so we're looking at dual proc machines.
> Now, important question here.. there were problems identified with lag 
> spikes when using an SMP kernel.. Was this just on machines where SMP 
> support was compiled in, but only one processor was present? ie, is 
> there going to be a problem with cpu spikes when using an SMP box?
> Also, does anyone have any recommendations as far as what works best? 
> Xeons? Opterons? They're both horribly expensive, so I want to make 
> sure we get the best system possible. Is more L2 cache useful?
> Any recommendations appreciated..
> James

You may want to look at your config and your kernel settings.  Ive got 
one or two DC servers on single proc boxes (dedicated Athlon 1700+) and 
the 30 players runs slightly under 40% cpu when full, the 42 player runs 
at around 50% cpu when full. You should be getting alot more from your 
server then you are.


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