AW: [bf1942] XML Logging event request.

Martin Steiger martin at
Wed Feb 18 18:00:18 EST 2004

Hmm, why? If you have an open repair-event for this player, it is just
finished when he dies... Easy enough to realize... ;)

Otherwise, you would have to do the same for every event: exitVehicle,
endHealing etc...


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Betreff: [bf1942] XML Logging event request.

Woudl it be possible to generate an "endRepair" if you die while
repairing?  An example of the end repair is below.

<bf:event name="endRepair" timestamp="1395.34">
    <bf:param type="int" name="player_id">11</bf:param>
    <bf:param type="vec3"
    <bf:param type="int" name="repair_status">687</bf:param>


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