[bf1942] {Virus?} [bf1942] ID gwyyci... thanks

RookieWan rookiewan at cistron.nl
Wed Feb 18 11:02:09 EST 2004

Lee Latham wrote:

> maybe it's not a good idea to put a mailing list address into your 
> Outlook address book, Somebody..

IMHO, this isnt some one sending an e-mail to the list 'accidently' as 
Andreas. I think this is sent on purpose. Since Andreas is the well of 
knowledge on this list, most people open his mails blindly and get the 
virus via OE/ Outlook.
The headers in Mozilla show the mail originating nicely from the BF 
list, so perhaps the Icculus people can check the logs for the true or 
faked sender IP?


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