[bf1942] {Virus?} [bf1942] ID gwyyci... thanks

RookieWan rookiewan at cistron.nl
Wed Feb 18 10:56:13 EST 2004

NINjak wrote:
> Just to let you al know! Thnx, server for catching it :P
> ppl, watch out... this is wat I recieved!

>>Warning: (qbtalxyhp.exe).
>>Warning: Please read the "VirusWarning.txt" attachment(s) for more
> information.
>>Yours ID jiw
>>Attachment Converted: "d:\internet\eudora ninjak\attach\VirusWarning6.txt"

This isnt the first time some one sent a virus masked as a mail from 
Andreas to this list. A rather sad individual who sent this wouldn't you 


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