[bf1942] linux v1.6 crashes with map on unsupported mode

Neal Clayton xayd at vae-victus.org
Wed Feb 18 08:15:40 EST 2004

On a related side note, staring the server with a max score that doesn't 
play nice with the game type will cause an infinite loop of restarts as 
well, apparently.

For instance if you have a max score of 15 for a TDM match, and the 
server starts on a map in conquest mode (in which the tickets are 
obviously higher than 15), it will infinitely end the round and restart 
the map, meanwhile the server will take no commands, it has to be 
stopped and restarted for your error to be fixed.

I suppose this is technically admin error, but it'd be nice to have the 
server reject/ignore an obviously incorrect max score value if this 
situation occurred, so that the problem could still be corrected with a 
map switch instead of a restart.

Steven Hartland wrote:

>Its a bit picky I know but its just taken me 3 hours to find
>why a customers server was crashing on startup the first
>time then would work for a while and then crash again.
>Turns out they had the map list:
>*game.addLevel omaha_beach GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel bocage GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel battle_of_britain GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel battleaxe GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel berlin GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel el_alamein GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel gazala GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel guadalcanal GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel iwo_jima GPM_CTF bf1942
>*game.addLevel market_garden GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel midway GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel stalingrad GPM_CTF bf1942
>*game.addLevel tobruk GPM_CTF bf1942
>game.addLevel wake GPM_CTF bf1942
>*game.setCurrentLevel omaha_beach GPM_CTF bf1942
>The maps omaha_beach, market_garden and tobruk
>all crash on init with CTF. I know they don't support the
>mode but would be nice if there was just an error message
>and then move onto the next map or even error message
>then quit.
>The bit that got me was the server get initialised enough to
>set the next map in maplist.con so it appeared to crash
>on start randomly :(
>    Steve / K
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