AW: [bf1942] Server Utilization

InCisT InCisT at
Fri Feb 13 09:50:11 EST 2004

Stefan Engbersen wrote:
> "Yes. I am better then you!"
> Saying things like that doesn't sound like a proffesional or mature 
> person speaking.
> And watching this thread and your replies gives me a vision of you. 
> Someone without knowledge if you ask me.
> I hope this mailinglist can continue having the nice atmosphere it had 
> for the last year, persons like you don't fit into that picture, you can
> tell your opinion, but insulting and saying things like you are doing in 
> your last replies on this thread, is not right IMHO.
> Now this was my opinion and vision about you. Have a nice weekend :-)
> Stefan Engbersen
> /

I have been on the list probably alot longer then you think.  There is a 
difference between being mature and professional then knowing you 
provide better serverice then someone else. Im glad you as done with 
this thread as i am.


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