AW: [bf1942] Server Utilization

Stefan Engbersen stonex at
Fri Feb 13 09:14:29 EST 2004

InCisT wrote:

> Paul Richards wrote:
>> "my servers dont lag. EVER." that statement alone undermines 
>> everything you
>> have said or will ever say, or you dont have alot of experiance.
> And how is that? I have enough experience and confidence to say that. 
> IF you are on my servers, and see lag, its your connection. Now I 
> didnt say they dont go down, becuase every internet connection goes 
> down sometimes.
> InCisT
> Yes. I am better then you!

"Yes. I am better then you!"

Saying things like that doesn't sound like a proffesional or mature 
person speaking.
And watching this thread and your replies gives me a vision of you. 
Someone without knowledge if you ask me.
I hope this mailinglist can continue having the nice atmosphere it had 
for the last year, persons like you don't fit into that picture, you can
tell your opinion, but insulting and saying things like you are doing in 
your last replies on this thread, is not right IMHO.
Now this was my opinion and vision about you. Have a nice weekend :-)

Stefan Engbersen /

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