AW: [bf1942] Server Utilization

Martin Steiger martin at
Thu Feb 12 17:34:11 EST 2004

I am no provider, but I think I can imagine, how it works (at least a bit):
You'll have a look, how much CPU resource a game uses in idle mode and when
servers are full and you calculate, how many BF1942-games you could run per
server (public and private mixed).

Then you try to keep a balance of both of them and mix your private and
public servers on your boxes, that they have best performance...

Now (Incist, think about it), your (private) servers, of which you have two
on it on your machine, start to use 10% CPU instead of 0% before, when
they're idling... Which means, even if you have "only" 4 BF1942 servers
running on this machine (2 private and 2 public), 40% of your CPU is used
without having a player on it!!!

If you're running only your clan-server, no need to really worry about it.
But if you're a hoster, then that's a reason to worry...

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Roland Kool wrote:

>We have private and public servers combined. Private servers, which are
>normally empty during the day, are taking up valuable CPU now. And they
>are effecting performance which is not good, of course.
Be a good providor, and dont oversell your boxes then.


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