[bf1942] Re: Verification required for whoccares at comcast.net, protected by 0Spam.com.

Rick Thompson fortweb at fortweb.com
Tue Feb 10 20:14:04 EST 2004

We use 0spam.com protection on most accounts. There is nothing wrong with 
the way it functions and there is nothing wrong with using a protected 
email for this list. The problem is the way the list functions or more 
accurately, that it functions unexpectedly.

Most people, especially list veterans are going to assume it's Majordomo or 
a clone and whitelist the list domain or list address. I whitelisted 
icculus.org a few seconds before I sent the confirmation email. The next 
day of course I saw replies being blocked by 0spam because this list comes 
in from individual addresses. That in itself is no problem, a header 
keyword whitelisted and no more blockage but that first day there were half 
a dozen confirmations sent before I caught it.

Not that this list software is breaking any RFC or anything but when you 
change something so basic you have to expect this exact scenario.


At 05:51 PM 2/10/2004 -0600, you wrote:

>Is everyone else getting this too?
>I think it is kind of annoying to use a service like this on an e-mail 
>If you are so worried about spam, then use a unique email address for this 
>Quoting verify at 0spam.com:
> > A message you recently sent to a 0Spam.com user with the subject "Re:
> > [bf1942] bf1942 rcon protocol?" was not delivered because they are using
> > the 0Spam.com anti-spam service.  Please click the link below to confirm
> > that this is not spam. When you confirm, this message and all future
> > messages you send will automatically be accepted.
> >
> > http://www.0spam.com/verify.cgi?user=1077266008&verify=487252
> >
> >
> > ========================================
> > This is an automated message from 0Spam.com.
> > Please do not reply to this Email.
> >
> > Looking for a free anti-spam service?
> > Visit us at http://www.0spam.com to find out more.
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