[bf1942] Re: Verification required for whoccares at comcast.net, protected by 0Spam.com.

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Tue Feb 10 20:10:14 EST 2004

AthlonRob wrote:

> On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 15:51, Brigham Stevens wrote:
>>Is everyone else getting this too?

I actually haven't got one of those, guess I'll have to earn it. With a 
posting, I presume.

> Yes, and I'm getting bounces from some apple listserve crap thing.

Aye. Same here, for every message sent to the mailing list. It'd be too 
nice if people actually knew where bounce messages are meant to go (tip: 
it's not always the From:)...

> I have emailed abuse departments, in vain of course.  Next up I will
> reject the messages at SMTP time with nasty messages.

ACK. Although nobody is going to get pissed at nasty SMTP 421 messages, 
since no human is going to read them.

Another thing that is annoying are the people who think it is wise to 
include a receipt request in every mail sent to a list. Of course, I 
don't give those out, but my client duly asks me each time. This is 
really superfluous on a mailing list.

Just my two cents,


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