[bf1942] Server Utilization

charles "wokka" goldsmith wokka at justfamily.org
Mon Feb 9 12:07:36 EST 2004

I'm running freebsd 4.9 on a single proc server...  got 2 instances of 
bf1942 running

At idle, tobruk is at 5% and the other server has desertshield at 10%

So it seems that the map has a lot to do with it

Roland Kool wrote:

>Our kernel was at 2.6.0 and we tried upgrading one to 2.6.2. utilization
>problem has not been fixed, servers still running at 10-13% with no
>Any specific kernel options enabled/disabled? We run without
>Thanks for the help,
>Roland Kool
>>Stefan is hosting a gameserver on one of our servers. We've 
>>upgraded our SMP 
>>server to 2.6.1 kernel and the problem seems to be resolved. 
>>Try to upgrade your kernel.

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