[bf1942] Custom maps help

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Fri Feb 6 08:35:23 EST 2004


"game.serverContentCheck  1"  works only for default installations, so 
it probably doesn't work for custom maps.
You should put the maps on your client and put them in the maplist.. 
then you should run:
"bf1942.exe +generateMapListForCrcContent 1"
After that you should run the outputfile: "mapListForCrcContent.bat"
Now you got your "contentCrc32.con" you can put the maps CRC's on the 
server, or transfer the whole file, if complete.
The disadvantage of using the pure mod for custom maps is that you need 
to have the CRC's of the maps on each client who want to play these maps on
the server you are setting up.
My advise is just to use "game.serverContentCheck  0" when playing these 

Stefan Engbersen

Christopher Kunz wrote:

> patrick at fragzzhost.com wrote:
>> For some reason my customers cant run custom maps on 1.6 linux
>> servers. ive heard it some special pure setting but i cant find it.
>> and no i dont use bfsm so dont say turn off lol.
>> pj
> Yeah, LOL. Perhaps a look into serversettings.con would've helped.
> game.serverContentCheck 1
> --ck

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