[bf1942] Strange occurance

Ian Merwin ian at liontrax.com
Thu Feb 5 13:14:25 EST 2004

Pathetic... im replying to my own posts...
I just joined the BBO forums.. sounds like others are having
same issue and Kevin at BBO will get fixed in a cpl days...
Anyways, I found this:
"Yes i have the same Problem with Friendlyfire and some other Settings. 
Friendlyfire kickback, Punish TK before Kick, Spawn delay TK Penalty. 
I i set it to "0" and start the Server they go back to the default
Good to here that it will be Fix in the next Version. 
Linux Server with BFSM and BFRM using at Win. "
but in the meantime -- what is the proper use of the *3* config files?
It seems to me that there is some redundnacy that is causing confusion
Thanks -- I dont know what I would do with out this email list's help!
U Linux-Black-Belt-guys have always been *patient* with us
*whitebelt-noobs* and
it is appreciated -- come to Montana and I'll take u fishing!

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OK - this is new to me....
I have a BF server that is very *strong-willed* I've tried spanking it a
number of times... nothing seems to work.
I see 3 files where the configuration can come from (which in it self is
Whats the deal with that?  I thought it was the new BBO remote manager
so I took it out of the loop and went to the old school method of
pico-ing the files on the server/restarting it and some how it keeps
losing the settings?
In particular:
External camera view keeps defaulting to 0?
Vote times go to 0 or 1 sec?
Auto balance keeps going to 1 (I set to 0)?
and much much more... some settings stay and others do their own
Like I said  *WEIRD*
Any help?

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