Strange occurance

Ian Merwin ian at
Thu Feb 5 13:00:05 EST 2004

OK - this is new to me....
I have a BF server that is very *strong-willed* I've tried spanking it a
number of times... nothing seems to work.
I see 3 files where the configuration can come from (which in it self is
Whats the deal with that?  I thought it was the new BBO remote manager
so I took it out of the loop and went to the old school method of
pico-ing the files on the server/restarting it and some how it keeps
losing the settings?
In particular:
External camera view keeps defaulting to 0?
Vote times go to 0 or 1 sec?
Auto balance keeps going to 1 (I set to 0)?
and much much more... some settings stay and others do their own
Like I said  *WEIRD*
Any help?
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