[bf1942] BFSM for 1.6 is out and working

Casey Zacek bfb-bf at bogleg.org
Wed Feb 4 11:15:58 EST 2004

It wants access to proc to find the process to attach to.

If you run 2.4+ kernel, you can simply mount proc multiple times
(mkdir /proc; mount /proc under each chroot "fs").

Access to /proc is not insecure.  Why do you think it is?  If you
don't run it as root (which I'm sure you don't), you shouldn't have
anything to worry about.

Andrew A. Chen wrote (at Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 12:16:37AM -0800):
> Sigh.  So the last time I used BFSM was when the 2.0 beta first came out
> several months ago.  I went to go try it again and am still disappointed.
> Why does this program insist on having access to /proc?  For security
> reasons, I run all servers inside a chroot jail, which obviously doesn't
> have access to the /proc filesystem.  Does anyone have another server
> manager that doesn't blatently overlook security?
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