Linux 1.6 RC2 server available

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at
Mon Feb 2 10:37:13 EST 2004

Hi, time for a bug fix update of the 1.6 server.

There are two files available, the full installer and an incremental
tar file that can be used to update an existing RC1 installation.

Both files can be found at .

Here's the relevant changelog information:

MD5 sums:
5cb151f768f760888671a15667ba751d bf1942_lnxded.dynamic
fca65f65ef1b059fd7af8bb28b9ae7fb bf1942_lnxded.static
Version: BF1942 (Ver: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 15:10:05/dep at
Release status: 1.6 Release Candidate 2

Changes in this release:
- Fixed installer script bash dependency
- Fixed a potentially dangerous bug with the GameSpy query interface
- Fixed stall bug with remote console connections (was causing lag)
- Fixed trashed mirrored remote console output

Andreas Fredriksson
Digital Illusions CE Sthlm AB
Maria Skolgata 83, 5tr
S-118 53 Stockholm

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