Server Utilization

Roland Kool roland at
Mon Feb 2 07:39:13 EST 2004


Got some questions about CPU utilization behaviour I noticed since I
installed the 1.6 patch on Linux.
I've checked the forums @ lightcubed but didn't see any threads about it

All idle servers (servers with no players) use between 15 and 20% of
CPU. Before 1.6 is was between 0 and 5%.
That's the CPU util you see when starting 'top'. Caused by PB perhaps?

If you use screen -r to resume your servers screen, I don't get all
server console output. I have to press the enter and it looks like the
CPU util reported there is around 100% which drops quickly back to 2-5%.

Does 1.6 finally fix the collision meshes causing high util on maps with

Best regards,

Roland Kool

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