[bf1942] OT: joysticks

bf1942 bf1942 at tommywatson.com
Sun Feb 1 16:10:59 EST 2004

charles "wokka" goldsmith wrote:

> Andreas, is Dice planning on adding better controller support for 
> cases like this, or am I just out of luck when it comes to this stick?
> Also, is anyone using a Cougar with bf1942 and did you have to do any 
> edits to the air.con to make it work?

I hate to complain about the game, it really is bloody awesome, but my 
one real pet peve is the controller support... Thanks to this patch, 
which fixed a hell of a lot of things that I thought were bad, I now 
have over $100 invested in my rudder pedals that are just sitting on the 
floor useless...
If you have any pull at all, _please_ put a bug report in about this... 
Other than that keep up the good work!


...the basic process is to fling yourself at the nearest planet, and to 
execute lifesaving procedures when it is apparent you have scant seconds 
to live if you don't. By and large these procedures are successful, but 
they're something short of 100%

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