OT: joysticks

charles "wokka" goldsmith wokka at justfamily.org
Sun Feb 1 02:16:14 EST 2004

With bf1942 1.6 having pb support, people who editted their control 
files are SOL.  Specifically, I have a Saitek X45 joystick that has an 
external throttle quadrant.  I had to add a line to my air.con to get 
the throttle to work (joystick and rudders worked fine by default).

Andreas, is Dice planning on adding better controller support for cases 
like this, or am I just out of luck when it comes to this stick? 

Also, is anyone using a Cougar with bf1942 and did you have to do any 
edits to the air.con to make it work?

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