[bf1942] BF2 + Logging in?

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Wed Dec 15 11:17:25 EST 2004

Steven Hartland wrote:

> I suppose the real question is what is your definition of a LAN game?
> With the number of players I'm talking it stops being the standard 
> definition
> of a LAN game i.e. broadcast scanning doesn't work due to the VLAN's,
> limiting to the same class C fails etc.
> In this situation it needs to:
> 1. Be able to "report" to a local master server e.g. gamespy yet not
> require the ability to contact an authentication server. What ever
> protocol used here it will need to be public protocol
> e.g. legacy gamespy.
> 2. Still respond to game queries both local and "remote" i.e not the
> same class C.
> 3. Not refuse connections from "remote" i.e. not the same class
> C address.
> 4. Have the ability to join by IP
> This type of LAN has more in common with a mini Internet than
> what is traditionally know as a LAN.
> If you need any more details on requirements for support the growing
> trend of large LAN's I'd be glad to help as we run this type of thing on
> a regular basis and hence know all the pitfalls :)

/signed This is always a major concern for me as well.


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