[bf1942] BF2 + Logging in?

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Fri Dec 10 13:38:48 EST 2004

Steve, I totally agree on the subject of authetication for a lan 
enviroment and what can be done to put control into the hands of the 
server admin without restricting by class.   Your point about using 
VLAN's is right on - whatever the method it needs to be selectable, and 
the clients need access to it, without restricting based on routes.

As for the auto-update, I know you can do it manually...but you still 
don't know what's in the package.   At least with a gzipped file i can 
unpack it in a temp dir and look at it first, and protect files I don't 
want overwritten without it failing.


Steven Hartland wrote:
> You don't have to update set it to auto update, in fact running it
> as such across a number of machines is discouraged.
> The important issue is that how ever it works it doesn't get in
> the way of people playing games. As it stands steam does,
> its a nightmare at LAN's due to authentication requirement
> and if their masters go down ur stuffed totally. Lets keep
> focus on the real requirements and not get into an "I don't
> like it on principle argument" :)
>    Steve / K
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>> I wasn't referring to lans.   Any "push" content delivery system/auth 
>> package won't pass muster to run on any machine I own.   I will not 
>> have anything writing data to my disks I don't explicitly allow, 
>> especially unknown content, or daemons that overwrite files.
>> Steam is what happens when marketing guys get control over the 
>> software engineers.
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