[bf1942] BF2 Admin API (WAS: RE: [bf1942] Re: RE: The 1.61 patch)

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Wed Dec 8 10:32:42 EST 2004

Does anyone else get the feeling we just caught a glimpse of the holy grail?


Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
> All of these can be written with the Python API. I think it's a better
> idea to have the community implement these things.
> For instance, to add a new rcon command to kill a player you would first
> add the function to the default rcon handler (or to your own if you
> decide to rewrite the entire protocol). Doing the logic is then very
> easy:
> def adminKill(player_index):
>    player = bf2.playerManager.getPlayerByIndex(player_index)
>    if not player or not player.isAlive(): return
>    vehicle = player.getVehicle()
>    vehicle.setDamage(1.0)
> // Andreas 
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> Subject: [bf1942] Re: RE: The 1.61 patch
> While we are at it, I might aswell throw in a couple of wishes for
> christmas
> :)
> Santa, I would like:
> * admincommand to kill a player
> * admincommand to swap team for a player
> * a logport (like HL) so we could get some real ircbots for the
> clancommunity
> /truppo

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