BF2 Admin API (WAS: RE: [bf1942] Re: RE: The 1.61 patch)

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at
Wed Dec 8 09:28:11 EST 2004

All of these can be written with the Python API. I think it's a better
idea to have the community implement these things.

For instance, to add a new rcon command to kill a player you would first
add the function to the default rcon handler (or to your own if you
decide to rewrite the entire protocol). Doing the logic is then very

def adminKill(player_index):
   player = bf2.playerManager.getPlayerByIndex(player_index)
   if not player or not player.isAlive(): return
   vehicle = player.getVehicle()

// Andreas 

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While we are at it, I might aswell throw in a couple of wishes for

Santa, I would like:
* admincommand to kill a player
* admincommand to swap team for a player
* a logport (like HL) so we could get some real ircbots for the


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