[bf1942] The 1.61 patch

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Wed Dec 8 02:37:04 EST 2004

On 12/7/2004 11:21 PM, Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
> - The doesn't restart anymore (so it's easier to track the uptime using
> a launcher script).

Presumably, this may also make it easier (or even possible) for reserved 
slots to work, since the server won't have to try and keep track of who 
was in a reserved slot on the last run of the server?

> - The remote console server comes with python source code and you can
> change anything you like there to suit your needs. Do you want
> multi-level admin support w/ longer passwords? It can be written in an
> hour and swapped in instead of the default implementation.


> - There's a pluggable admin module system (also in python) that allows
> you to tweak and change many aspects of your server's behavior. For
> example, if you want to kick team-killers after two team-kills, it's
> simply a matter of adding a few lines of python code and registering a
> hook function.

w00t w00t!

> While providing an API doesn't immediately provide excellent admin
> support it makes it a lot easier for the community to come up with smart
> solutions.

Absolutely - this is completely the best way. It's worked well for HL 
based servers for a long time - there are literally hundreds of 
different plugins out there for it.

Glad to see DICE is listening to the needs of the server admins.. this 
is almost too good to be true. Now if we can just get a Linux server 
release to coincide with the client release, I think we may have a 
winner ;-)


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