[bf1942] The 1.61 patch

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Wed Dec 8 02:21:43 EST 2004

I don't know what kind of admin support we will be offering in terms of
GUI programs (I'm a server guy), but I know for a fact that the admin
support is much better in BF2.

- The doesn't restart anymore (so it's easier to track the uptime using
a launcher script).

- The remote console server comes with python source code and you can
change anything you like there to suit your needs. Do you want
multi-level admin support w/ longer passwords? It can be written in an
hour and swapped in instead of the default implementation.

- There's a pluggable admin module system (also in python) that allows
you to tweak and change many aspects of your server's behavior. For
example, if you want to kick team-killers after two team-kills, it's
simply a matter of adding a few lines of python code and registering a
hook function.

While providing an API doesn't immediately provide excellent admin
support it makes it a lot easier for the community to come up with smart
solutions. After all, you guys run the servers and all of you have
different needs.

// Andreas

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> Hi folks,
> let me give you some background to why the Linux patch is late. The 
> bug
> 1.61 fixes is a bug affecting game clients only. The patch was 
> produced at the DICE Canada office, and a slip of communication made 
> them forget all about the Linux versions.
> Once the mistake was discovered we had a big problem. We're in the 
> middle of a BF2 crunch in Stockholm, my dev boxes are all upgraded for
> BF2 and wouldn't compile BF1942 no matter the amount of force you
> Furthermore, to get the Linux codebase compiling in Canada Andy had to

> downgrade his entire environment too and ran it to a series of
> He's up and running now so expect new executables shortly.
> In short, there was a communications mistake and now the Linux server 
> has to pay for it in terms of patch turnaround time. It was not a 
> deliberate attempt to try to discontinue the Linux server or anything 
> like that. I've forwarded my concerns to all parties involved already.
> Andreas Fredriksson
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> Unknown

I can understand what has happend but it does seem pretty strange that
both the win and the linux devs arent speaking to each other. but these
things happen and I sould imagin its pretty hard when you are in 2
countrys and time zones.

The question I would like to ask is what sort of Admin support is going
to be given by EA Games / Dice in BF2? are you intending to include a
built in server and remote server manager with the game ? I would
consider it an insult if you didnt after the fiasco with Black Bag Ops,
it would be nice if there was a site dedicated to running a BF2 server
in Windows and Linux not just a forum. It really pisses me off that
anytime I look for command's for any game server I always have to go to
a community site. Its surely in the games dev's interest to help us, the
community make running a successful dedicated server as easy as
possible. As the more people playing there game means more games being
bought. I would never have bought BF1942 if not for playing at lan
parties which ment I also bought Road to Rome and Secret Weapons.

So how about you helping us out for a change instead of thinking we
should be happy with what we are given. This I have to say is not aimed
at Andreas personaly but he is in the BF2 loop so must know what we the
server comunity will eventually get when BF2 goes gold



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