[bf1942] BFTV

Neal Clayton xayd at vae-victus.org
Wed Dec 8 00:58:30 EST 2004

And the next question is how?

I understand the concept of how this works for games like HL and UT, but 
to my understanding without a demo to feed and some sort of 
documentation on how the demo works to implement it, actual video is the 
only way?

Joe wrote:

>Any idea if this is going to port to bfv soon, or stick with '42 only? From
>the site I see no mention of bfv, unfortunatly.
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>From: Stefan Engbersen [mailto:stonex at freebsd.nl]
>Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 2:31 AM
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>Subject: [bf1942] BFTV
>I wanted to share this wonderful news with you guys.
>A BFTV is under development, we expect an Alpha release soon.
>I already tested it and it really looks promising.
>The developer is looking for some help, so if you are a skilled
>Delphi/c++/c# coder and
>you are interested in giving this project a hand mail the guy.
>Also you can sponsor him some coffee through paypal, if you'd like to
>support him anyway.
>You can find more info about it's features etc.. on www.namni.se/bftv
>Stefan aka stx

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