Linux BF1942 (1.61) and BFV (1.21) Patches

Andy Berdan andy.berdan at
Tue Dec 7 09:20:31 EST 2004

Hey all.

I finally managed to put together some patches for the linux crew.  I feel that this delay deserves a bit of an explanation.  Firstly, I was not notified about this fix until last Thursday.  Secondly, the old bf1942 build system, which was Andreas' machine, has long since been ripped apart and put down... the bfv build system is different enough so that it wasn't a simple recompile, so things had to be reworked a bit to get '42 to be happy.

All that aside, I have some patches for you now:


BFV Full Install:


7534f940c5e0db0bc0653a2b37076622  bf1942-update-1.61.tar.gz
d75006ccf3fc672ccb384cbcdbfc48e3  bfv-update-1.21.tar.gz

The patches include just the binaries and the changed init.con file.  This file is checksummed in bf1942, so the bf1942 update also includes the checksum file.  BFV does not require it.  As always, back up your files before updating.

Unfortunately, I couldn't build a full install for bf1942.  Apply the bf1942 update to 1.6-rc2.


PS. I will be leaving DICE at the end of the month.  It's been a good ride, and dealing with the community has been one of the better aspects of the job (as crazy as that sounds).  Thanks all!

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