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Rick Thompson rick at fortweb.com
Tue Dec 7 01:58:15 EST 2004

Look at any successful game since Quake 1 and you will find a nix server. 
By successful I mean a reasonably large userbase.

All those games you named without nix servers, you know what they have in 
common? Check Gamespy at any given time and you will see all of them put 
together don't add up to the number of players running any of the nix 
server games.

Look at the gamyspy stats right now, see anything in common with the top 16 
games listed?

Top Game Servers By Players
1. Half Life
6424 servers, 25499 players
2. Half Life 2
5668 servers, 10456 players
3. Unreal Tournament 2004
3163 servers, 4283 players
4. Battlefield 1942
2455 servers, 3159 players
5. Americas Army: Special Forces
1444 servers, 3141 players
6. Neverwinter Nights
1368 servers, 3133 players
7. Quake 3: Arena
2421 servers, 2911 players
8. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
2712 servers, 2574 players
9. Call of Duty: United Offensive
2087 servers, 2567 players
10. Call of Duty
3155 servers, 2040 players
11. Soldier of Fortune 2
1493 servers, 1633 players
12. Battlefield: Vietnam
1355 servers, 1359 players
13. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead
1276 servers, 1203 players
14. Medal of Honor Allied Assault
2308 servers, 1160 players
15. Halo: Combat Evolved
412 servers, 1066 players
16. Unreal Tournament
2437 servers, 751 players
17. Tribes 2

I don't know about halo 1 but every single one of the others have nix 
servers available, there is a reason for that, it's not coincidence. Even 
an ancient game like Quake 3 and an RPG like Never Winter Nights have more 
players than the games you pointed out with no nix servers, again, there is 
a reason for that.

These game developers spend huge money on marketing yet they are often not 
smart enough to figure out a simple thing like what it takes to sell games. 
They just don't get it that win32 servers are expensive, horribly 
inefficient and a security nightmare. This means more expensive servers 
that kids can't afford and/or cramming so many games on a machine just to 
break even that the pings blow chunks.

We owe them nothing, they owe us... we create the userbase... we *are* the 
userbase. Now if they want to blow us off that's fine, there are other 
games out there we can host and I for one have no problem abandoning a 
developer at the first hint of poor support. Don't give me that "were lucky 
they have nix support" bs because bottom line, it's money in their pocket 
when we promote their games, host them on our servers and increase the size 
of their userbase.

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