[bf1942] hmmm.... [OT]

Travis Adams travis_adams at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 7 01:16:43 EST 2004

I'd agree to that David but look at unreal and Epic games, Linux support out 
of the box. They know the customers and are working with them.

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>Subject: Re: [bf1942] hmmm.... [OT]
>Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 15:39:39 +1000
>>Have any of you tried some of the other games like Joint operations,
>>Black hawk down, Halo2, Half life2, etc.
>>Whats it like to host them?  Are they hogs.. do they have Linux
>>servers? and what about RemoteManagers....
>Joint Ops doesn't have a proper console dedicated server mode, nor does it 
>have a standalone dedicated server. Ditto Black Hawk Down - they have to 
>run in some gumby GUI mode. Joint Ops supposedly got a fix to run in some 
>console mode but it didn't work in any of our servers - it still kept 
>trying to load some part of the video system that wasn't supported on our 
>server hardware.
>Halo 2 has no dedicated server. Half-Life 2 is ok, if you don't mind 
>battling Steam.
>>I really think its time to find a new game/company.
>What yall gotta realise is that even by merely providing standalone win32 
>dedicated servers, EA/DICE are light years ahead of most other developers, 
>many of whom don't even bother to offer a proper dedicated server - let 
>alone one you can download freely and independently of the game.
>Linux is great and all, but we long ago realised that the majority of game 
>devs were going to be focusing first (for better or for worse) on win32 and 
>have adjusted our game server platform to suit. While it'd be great to see 
>game devs getting Linux builds out at all (preferably in sync and 
>feature-compatible with their win32 counter-parts), it is happening less 
>and less, presumably because it is just too hard/takes too long.
>If you're waiting for the Linux version then you'll just have to tough it 
>out, but for the sake of the rest of us (and for the DICE guys), there are 
>probably better ways to express your displeasure about this problem, 
>perhaps by mailing EA's support line and encouraging your other stranded 
>Linux server-admin buddies to do the same.
>-- dave

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