[bf1942] Linux patch ETA

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Sun Dec 5 13:00:57 EST 2004

I must say I agree, its looking quite possible that we will loose clients over
this issue so its likely that this will be having financial repercussions for us
as well as being a major headache.

I would like to understand how this situation:
1. Was allowed to occur.
2. Wasn't very quickly resolved.
3. How its going to be prevented from reoccurring in the future.

Having worked in the software industry for many years now with multi
platform releases being are a day to day thing for me. I hence fail to
see how the patch couldn't be released within hours of the mistake being
noticed, it should have been a simple case of a recompile on the relevant
platform given a common codebase.

    Steve / K

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> We have clients who have to forfeit matches today and they are only 
> slightly less pissed off than a client with an extremely popular DC server 
> which has been a ghost town since Friday.
> I am not angry with the nix developers who were left out of the loop on the 
> patch but sincerely hope someone from EA knows they have a lot of unhappy 
> users out here this morning. This debacle is the result of sheer 
> incompetence and could have been easily prevented with a little 
> communication. Somebody needs a demotion to mailroom where they can't screw 
> anything up this bad ever again.
> Rick
> At 09:10 AM 12/3/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>>Folks, the Canada office handled both of these new patches and
>>unfortunately I wasn't in the loop.
>>Andy is working on both Linux versions on the other side of the pond
>>right now.
>>// Andreas
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>>From: Andrew vonNiederhausern [mailto:avonnied at genetics.utah.edu]
>>Sent: den 2 december 2004 19:11
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>>Subject: RE: [bf1942] Linux patch ETA
>>Would be good to know..
>>Competetive League play officially uses 1.61 on Sunday.. would be nice
>>to have the linux patch soon.
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>>From: Steven Hartland [mailto:killing at multiplay.co.uk]
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>>To: bf1942 at icculus.org
>>Subject: [bf1942] Linux patch ETA
>>Don't like doing this but any ETA on the linux patch as we are getting a
>>large amount of complaints about it?
>>     Steve / K


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