[bf1942] Official WW2 mod for BFV, server files?

Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho miguel at casadavo.net
Sun Aug 22 09:50:08 EDT 2004

This is no news for me.

People, wake up please. If there is someone that don't want do continue 
to make BF1942 better, is EA.

How long EA support a tittle? How many patches and new stuff EA produces
for its games!?

Just look around. NFS U, a great potential to have a strong online
comunity, but, the game is full of cheats, EA just made 2 or 3 patches
IIRC. Does EA really cares about some comunity? With the same cdkey you
can play online with 2 people. there is no cdkey validation. So, how
seriusly EA cares to online gaming?

Just go to EA's site. Can you find any RPG game? Something like Diablo,
NWN? Any MMORPG? Absolutly NO! Why? Becouse this genre only sells one
time, and sequels take years to come. And this is not the business model
of EA. And by the way, you really need a good effort to keep games like
this working, servers, patches, cheates, etc.

EA don't know how to deal with online comunitys, The Sims Online came to
my mind. A total fiasco.

EA says: "you need our lasted titles"

We are in the middle of 2004, and soon EA Sports will start to realese
all those games. FIFA, NHL, NFL, and so on.

EA needs new games on stores. This is EA.

BF2 will be on stores on march 2005, bugged or not.

If EA doesn't want a new patch for BF1942, DICE cannot do it!!!! Simple!

Hey, but why DICE just don't publish the game without EA? Because EA can
put it's titles in every conner of the world, so, they do make the

So guys, live with that. BF1942 is dead for EA, soon BFV. DICE can not
do nothing to change this. They are paid to do what EA wants.

And please, flame EA, not DICE.

Just one more, I'm not shure, but the bf linux server is here thanks to
the DICE's effort.


On Dom, 2004-08-22 at 13:35 +0200, Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
> It's not that easy. All patches go through EA quality assurance and
> that procedure takes up developer time with test feedback for weeks.
> // Andreas
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> From: Neal Clayton [mailto:xayd at vae-victus.org]
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> Subject: Re: [bf1942] Official WW2 mod for BFV, server files?
> Honestly they can say that but it's nothing more than a crutch.  The
> same company made both games, Dice.  One game had serious game-
> changing
> bug(s) introduced in its last patch (the wrench), and therefore needs
> another patch to be fixed.  It would take all of 20 minutes to fix
> that
> bug and release a patch for it.

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