[bf1942] Official WW2 mod for BFV, server files?

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Sat Aug 21 23:58:48 EDT 2004

That list covered a few, but let's add some for good measure.

Reload takes two clips, sometimes you reload from ammo box full ammo but end
up reloading once and back at 0..

Sometimes you can double-fire things such as the mi-8 (most noticed) and
sa-7 (also very often I see).

MiG hitboxes..Not sure where the bug is exactly, but get in a mig21 dogfight
(with a decent ping) and see what I mean..1/2 the bullets bounce off.

Cobra heatseekers sometimes hit the cobra instead of going anywhere.

Tango blows up when beached a little too much. This wouldn't be a problem if
it had a longer delay, but almost instantly it goes poof unless you manage
to hardly beach it..

Spawn tunnel literally rolls down hills.

Some of my favorites..

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At 07:26 PM 8/21/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Well I sort of agree,
>I mostly agree that nobody.... I mean 'nobody' asked for this work. Sure
>thanks for nothing, but I still see lots of bugs Dice could have been
>fixing instead. Why does it seem like Dice would rather waste time modding
>crap instead of working on the problems. Thats fine, but we can mod/map
>all day ourselves. The reason we don't is because this game is a
>blithering mess.
>Here are some examples of what you could work on instead of giving us new
>'features' that usually result in even more bugs....

I don't play BFV enough to have seen any of those bugs but I have to
sympathize with BFV players and agree with your concerns. They should
definitely leave the modding to the community and concentrate on getting a
clean release out if it is really that bad. 1942 has a few annoying bugs
but it's nothing compared to that list.


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