[bf1942] BF1942 / BFV servers not showing in ASE

Andy Berdan andy.berdan at dicecanada.com
Thu Apr 29 08:32:13 EDT 2004

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> Yer I understand that but is not the issue.
> The issue is servers using none standard ports.

If you're referring to the game.ASEPort setting, that is broken.

UDPSoft did not provide an interface for us to specify the port, so it is
always game_port+123, regardless of the game.ASEPort setting.  If firewall
ports have been set up according to the game.ASEPort setting, they obviously
won't be set up for the right port (thereby blocking ASE communications).

BTW, because of this, I have disabled the game.ASEPort setting for the time
being.  On a good note, UDPSoft did provide a new version of the library
after I asked them for this feature.  However, it will likely not be
available in the patch, due to testing reasons (I may include it in the
linux patch, but I'm rather hesitant about having platform-specific

> When this is done the heartbeat packet contains the details
> of the ASE port for the server but the master is still 
> querying the default port hence any servers on none standard 
> ports ( which haven't been added manually ) don't get listed. 

I'm not sure about the heartbeat packet... I'd guess that that should have
the right information, since it's all UDPSoft's code.  If it's broken,
there's nothing DICE can really do about it, besides wait for a code drop.

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